Easy automated onboarding for  growing teams.

Finally there’s a way that you can save time onboarding without having to learn another complicated tool. Readii saves you over 2 days per month, is intuitive to use and integrates in one-click with your current system.

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Honestly, is manual onboarding really the best use of time?

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The Old Way

Complicated processes and constant repetition.

An overwhelming amount of e-mails, presentations and documents is not a good onboarding experience. Scheduling, preparing and delivering the same content is a not a productive use of a manager's time, nor is manually tracking a new employee's progress.

  • ❌ Managers repeat themselves every month
  • ❌ Unengaged new hires more likely to leave
  • ❌ No feedback about your onboarding

Readii provides great onboarding, automatically.

The Readii Way

Engaging and consistent onboarding experience.

Save time and spend more quality 1:1 time with your employees — which no platform can ever replace, by providing an engaging and automated onboarding process.

  • ✅ Intuitive onboarding builder
  • ✅ Powerful automation tools
  • ✅ Easy tracking of employee progress
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Onboarding with Readii software: simple and successful

It takes less than 5 mins to set up.

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Step 1

Use drag & drop to build your onboarding.

Our powerful drag & drop system allows you to quickly build your onboarding process. Embed videos, PDFs, or create your own documents directly on the platform.

Step 2

Invite your new employees.

Easily add the new employees inside of Readii or connect your HRMS to automatically invite newly joined employees.

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Step 3

Track employee progress along their onboarding journey.

You can easily follow a new hire’s and a manager’s progress through the onboarding process. On top of that, our integrated feedback system enables you to get insights into your onboarding.

With all the features you need

Created alongside companies and HR professionals, Readii powerful features ensure that any company can create a successful onboarding experience and ensure information retention.

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HRMS Integrations

Connect your HRMS directly with Readii and automatically invite new employees.

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Onboarding Templates

An onboarding structure specifically designed to cover everything that makes onboarding successful.

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Gamification Elements

Custom-designed gamification elements to help onboardees engage with the content.

Don't know where to start? We have templates.

Working alongside top HR professionals, we have designed onboarding templates to help any company ensure a successful onboarding experience that covers everything employees want to know.

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Screenshot of Readii's powerful onboarding template system

Readii to get your time back?

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