Our mission is to help growing teams easily automate their onboarding.

Why does automated onboarding have to be complicated?

That’s the question we first asked ourselves when we launched Readii.

While the benefit of having a great automated onboarding is huge, unfortunately so is the setup cost of other onboarding automation platforms. Why do you need to replace your HRMS just to automate onboarding?

At Readii, we believe that all companies can benefit from automated onboarding so we’ve designed an intuitive experience that excels at onboarding.

Our Story

While we may not have the Silicon Valley started-in-a-garage story, we have the Parisian equivalent: Readii was founded in a small Parisian studio in 2021. The idea came about after our founder Benjamin Schroeder experienced a large disparity in onboarding experiences. When he asked why such a large disparity exists, Benjamin realized that.

With barely the space for a desk, the idea quickly took form and our team began coding the first version of Readii underneath the Parisian roofs. Since then, our team has grown (and thankfully, so has our space).

Readii was founded with the vision that a company's internal information should be easily accessible. In light of this vision, we wanted to help growing teams easily automate their onboarding. Why should only large companies have the resources to invest in automated onboarding programs?

Thus, we founded Readii with the goal of enabling any company to benefit from an excellent automated onboarding process.